The Importance of Independent Mortgage Brokers – Connect CRE

The volatility in the economic markets is creating a need for commercial real estate borrowers to include an experienced and independent mortgage team to close deals today. Investors require financing experts who can move with speed and efficiency, while still bring a deep understanding of capital markets – especially given the rapid shifts and adjustments transactions can face as a closing date approaches. But an often-overlooked aspect of getting deals done is to consider whether both buyer and seller are properly represented in the financing process.

Securing financing for a commercial real estate property can be a complex and time-consuming process. It is challenging for borrowers needing financing for their projects to decide whether to use the capital markets team offered by the same company as the investment sales team or to select an independent structured finance firm to arrange the financing. An independent capital markets team can present the best strategy and options to a buyer along with a strong commitment to get the deal executed.

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