Seasons And Real Estate: 13 Things To Consider When Buying Or Selling

There are a lot of factors that can impact real estate trends, including the time of year. The market’s ebbs and flows are often dictated by the seasons: For instance, summer months might be busier than winter, while the winter holidays can lead to a slump in sales, or the inverse, depending on the type of property or region.

As a real estate professional, you need a firm grasp on how the changing seasons impact your local market. Here’s how the experts of Forbes Real Estate Council recommend taking advantage of the current time of year when handling clients and investments.

11. Financially Prepare For Seasonal Downturns

Being prepared ahead of time for changes in market conditions is important for prudent investors. Utilizing moderate leverage is the best way for an investor to protect themselves if a downturn occurs, enabling them to refinance or divest of the asset without incurring a loss. In addition, high cash reserves allow investors to swoop in for discounted properties while others are running away. – Adam FinkelTower Capital

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