Master Planned Communities

Financing for Master Planned Communities

Tower Capital’s team has unique experience in the Master Planned Community and home-builder space. It has secured and structured financing for projects on behalf of large publicly traded developers to local home builders. Most notably it secured $56,000,000 for a 3900-home Master Planned Community outside of Denver Colorado. A Master Planned Community is essentially a subdivision. Its where a developer acquires land, improves it with roads, sewers, and other infrastructure, and sells the lots to home builders. It is an incredibly complex transaction with a lot of moving pieces. On the financing side, Master Planned Communities typically have revolving lines of credit that are sized off the estimated peak balance and paid off based on the sale of finished lots. It is incredibly important to have a revolver with appropriate capacity and a low enough interest rate to where the venture is still profitable. That is where Tower Capital comes in, we can help you size your revolver and select the most appropriate debt source.

Our funding sources include: