Boutique Structured Finance Firm in Phoenix

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Tower Capital is a Boutique Structured Finance Firm specializing in commercial real estate finance for income producing properties and ground up construction. Tower’s principals, Adam Finkel and Kyle McDonough, have extensive backgrounds in a broad spectrum of the commercial real estate industry, including real estate brokerage, mortgage banking, securities, and private lending. This experience garners a holistic approach across many different asset types not prevalent with other intermediaries.

In a world of endless company takeovers and consolidation in the commercial real estate finance industry, Tower Capital seeks to go against the grain with a belief that a quality long term relationship with a trusted independent advisor, is still important to commercial real estate investors. Tower’s mission is to provide a flexible, creative, and borrower centric approach that will show clients the attention they deserve on each and every transaction, no matter the size or scope.

With a wide base of capital sources, our Boutique Structured Finance Firm is not beholden to any one lender and fully vets the entire marketplace on behalf of its clients. Without the pressure to feed correspondent relationships or push borrowers into certain programs, property management companies, leasing teams or other services, Tower is able to maintain the objectiveness and independence necessary to ensure its clients’ best interests are always maintained. View more on our Commercial Real Estate Finance Arizona.