Get to Know the Team | Adam Finkel

This week, we get the opportunity to become more acquainted with one of the two minds that established Tower Capital, Adam Finkel. It will only take a short time chatting with Adam to recognize that he is someone who is very passionate about what he does. As a founding member and principal of Tower Capital, his passion is evident when getting the chance to talk about finance, however, this flame burns even brighter at the slightest mention of his family.
He met his wife here in the valley and has a beautiful two-year-old son with a second child on the way. Strong family values were instilled in him as a young man growing up in Boston.

Another great love in Adam’s life – the New England Patriots. This is quite evident when walking into his office overlooking Arizona Biltmore Golf Club’s beautiful green grass. You are met by the various plaques and memorabilia touting the team’s historic run of 5 championships since 2002. It’s no surprise that he’s a devout sports fan with how competitive his industry can be which he is the first to acknowledge, “Tower Capital looks to operate at a very high level. We’re a smaller firm, but we strive to be recognized on a national level.” This quote becomes more appreciated after he goes on to mention Elon Musk and Richard Bronson as thought leaders he has come to admire for their constant determination and innovation in their respective fields.

This Massachusetts native found his way to the desert and year-round warm weather after deciding to take his talents to Tempe where he enrolled at Arizona State. With a deep-seated entrepreneurial spirit and a strong background in literature, he chose to major in Business Administration & Communications.

The university was also where he met a buddy finance-focused undergrad that would become a longtime friend and future business partner.
Adam was an especially active student on campus and even joined a fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, where he first entertained the thought of pursuing commercial real estate after receiving advice from upperclassmen that were already in professional internships.

That summer going into his senior year of college, he secured an internship at a boutique commercial brokerage firm called Levrose Real Estate in Downtown Scottsdale and it was history from there. He went on to Los Angeles and worked with a lot larger tenant representative office leasings representing bigger law firms and surgery centers in the Hollywood and Beverly Hills areas among others. He eventually made his way back to Arizona and joined Johnson Capital. It was here that he was able to master all the financial aspects of real estate as well as underwriting.

Later, a firm focused on bridge lending was looking to add a Phoenix office that Adam and his college and longtime friend, Kyle,were going to open. After that ultimately fell through, they thought to themselves, “Why don’t we just do it ourselves?”

That summer Tower Capital was formed with the mission of enabling commercial real estate owners to achieve their investment goals. Their focus is to accomplish and exceed these objectives with the least amount of time, energy, and cost to their clients while creating surety of execution and peace of mind.

Be sure to reach out to Adam and the team to answer any debt and equity placement questions you have!